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Hi there, we’re Hausworx Academy. Our passion is educating and working with people to show them what’s possible. Because we know that everyone can create amazing with the right skills, knowledge and a proven system.

Using our own experience and success in the property development industry, we deliver practical online learning opportunities while we actively develop high-quality, profitable projects throughout Australia.

If you know you’re made for more and have always wanted to get into property development, you’re in the right place. Our range of programs are designed so you can confidently manage your own projects. We offer you the choice of learning your way online, with support on live Q&A calls, or the world’s first full immersion live project learning experience.

People say life is short because it’s true. Don’t let another year fly by without making the decision that you want more… We’re here to show you what’s possible for you and your family:

Success Stories
The hausworx story

Hi, I’m Ali, the founder of Hausworx. To tell the story of how Hausworx Academy was born, I need to start with my own: the story of how I went from a western Sydney boy to a successful property developer with a multimillion-dollar property portfolio.

I grew up watching my dad work on building sites and thought being a tradesman electrician would be a great profession for me. After school, I completed an apprenticeship and started working as an electrician, then went out on my own and built a busy, successful small business.

This probably sounds familiar to any tradies out there: I was working my butt off doing long hours on the tools, then coming home and doing paperwork. It was when I was working on new-builds for developers that I started to see the possibilities for my family and myself. I decided to put in even more time and hours to get my Builders Licence to help us get ahead. At that stage, I was just-married and we were starting a family, so I wanted to find a way to spend more time with my kids and get off the tools.

That’s when I decided to take a risk with my first property development project. It was a steep learning curve with a lot of trial and error, but it was still rewarding and I could see the possibilities for my family’s financial future. Despite learning the hard, expensive and slow way, the project was a success.
I decided to continue with these projects, learning the best way to manage, build and finish high-quality developments and building a team of trusted professionals around Australia.

Seeing my success, others started asking me to teach them how to do what I was doing. I also had people approach me to help them with their own property development projects.

That’s when I created the 8 pillars to profitable property development – my 8-step proven process for successful projects. We now use this exact method in our own projects and to teach others how to become developers.

Using the 8 pillars took me from owning a home worth $600,000 in south-western Sydney, to owning a $17M property portfolio in just 5 years. This method is one of the keys to my success, which I’m happy to share with you in my free ebook – scroll down to get your copy.

Hausworx Academy was born from my passion to develop, educate, inspire and uplift others.
Because if I can do this, anyone can!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s create amazing together.


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