Totally new to property development?

It can feel overwhelming, like there’s so much to learn: Where do I start? How do I find finance?
Where to buy it? What kind of development? Who do I need to help me? Then what?!

We hear you. We’ve been there, learned the hard way, and have a track record of profitable projects to show for it. That’s why we teach you the practical stuff that matters, step-by-step, so you know how to get started and succeed on your first development

Wouldn’t it be amazing saying, “I’m managing my first development project” to your friends and family and making your first profit? It all starts here.

Or had some experience and want to make property development your full-time gig?

If you’ve renovated, built or developed for profit, you’ve got an idea of how things work. So how can you streamline what you’re doing to scale and manage more projects for more profit?

You need the right system. The kind you can repeat with every project so you know you’ll get the best result. That’s what you get with our online property development courses because we teach you the 8 pillars to profitable property development (the exact steps our founder Ali Rihani uses to manage his successful Australian projects.

“Low-risk, small-scale, high-end is where it’s at. It’s the key to success for small-scale developers and the proven strategy you’ll learn at Hausworx Academy.”

– Ali Rihani, Hausworx Academy Founder

Wherever you’re at, how you learn is your choice with Hausworx Academy

Everyone learns differently. Our online property development courses are designed to give you the best chance of success, whether you prefer to study, get hands-on, or be part of the action on a live project.

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