“I want to learn to be a property developer. If only I could ask an experienced developer what to do…”

When it comes to learning, nothing beats real-life experience, right? Because getting advice from someone who knows what they’re doing helps you to avoid the mistakes and heartache from learning the hard (and expensive) way.

Learning from an expert also gives you instant insider tips and strategies, and the confidence that you can be a successful developer.

In fact, if you had access to a property developer in your network of friends and family, it’s likely you’d already be a developer.

So just imagine having access to an expert developer who is there to answer your questions (LIVE) as you learn and manage projects, helping you to:

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    Know what to do to get started on your first development
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    Deal with agents, town planners, solicitors, architects and building contractors to get the best outcome for your project
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    Present to investors and formalise joint ventures
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    Support you whenever you need help during future development projects

And all that while you’re learning everything you need to know to start, manage and deliver profitable projects…’

Introducing Evolve:

The expert support you need while you learn our proven step-by-step system

We created Evolve to give you the best of both worlds:
1. Learning a proven system to deliver successful projects, and
2. Support from experts when you need it.

It’s the property development course designed to help you Evolve and achieve great things:

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    No second-guessing yourself because you’ll get your questions answered
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    Manage your projects with ease with pro contractor and joint venture templates
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    Cut through the noise and get the insider, no b.s. advice that matters
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    Get the real key to your success: your mindset
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    Figure out if a project is worth your time, fast, with a feasibility checklist and profitable project calculator

With property development projects there are so many moving parts. That’s why with Evolve, you’ll learn our 8 pillars to profitable property development as you get your questions answered by experienced developers on live video calls.

Client Testimonials

You’ll learn our proven, sustainable strategy: low-risk, small-scale, high-end developments

It’s a strategy our founder Ali Rihani has used and refined on all of his successful projects. And it’s the same strategy that took him from sparkie to a full-time developer with a multimillion-dollar portfolio.

Low-risk, small-scale, high-end is also the approach that’s achievable for everyday Aussies like you. Here’s what it means:

  • Low-risk: knowing how to select the right site for a good return
  • Small-scale: manageable projects like duplexes or luxury homes
  • High-end: delivering a high-quality finish buyers love

With Evolve, you’ll learn the 8 pillars to profitable property development – the exact system Ali uses to deliver profitable low-risk, small-scale, high-end projects, every time. And that’s while you get your questions answered live every week and a suite of pro tools and templates that’ll save you time and money:

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It’s our exclusive property development course that combines expert support with the tools and proven system for success.

Hold up… prefer learning in your own time, or maybe you’d love to invest, learn and earn on a live project?

Everyone learns differently. That’s why at Hausworx Academy we offer 2 other options:

But if you like learning with live support from experienced developers, read on…

The hausworx story

It all starts with a sparkie from south-western Sydney. With a young family, Ali Rihani knew he didn’t want to keep working stupid hours. He wanted to get off the tools and had had enough.

Ali felt like he was forcing himself to get out of bed every day, like he was stuck. And on top of that, he and his wife had financial issues, relationship issues and major health issues. It felt like the time for change was never ‘right.

Then one day Ali made a big decision: he decided to stop whingeing and just get started.

He started asking questions of friends, family and pretty much anyone he could find who knew about property development. And all those hours and coffee catch-ups were worth it, because he figured out how to take the first steps.

It wasn’t easy for him. Despite the advice Ali got, he had to learn the hard way, wasting tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours when things went wrong on his projects. Like many people, he also had times where he doubted himself, so he dedicated time to work on his mindset. Most importantly, he didn’t give in or give up.

Through trial, error, determination and just taking that first step, Ali got off the tools. He’s now an full-time developer and founder of Hausworx Academy.
Ali’s passion is helping everyday Aussies like you by showing you what’s possible… that you don’t have to stay stuck and there’s always a choice for a new, better pathway.

One of his favourite quotes is “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done”.
So we’d love to ask you: what are you willing to do to change your life?

It all starts with making a decision and taking action, and that’s what Momentum is designed to do.

Here’s what’s possible with Momentum

Here’s a sample of what Ali (our Hausworx Academy Founder) has achieved using what you’ll learn in Momentum:

Panania, Sydney

Total profit: $310,000

Project time frame: 9 months

Panania, Sydney

Total profit: $185,000
sold one duplex and kept one

Project time frame: 9 months

Picnic Point, Sydney

Total profit: $620,000

Project time frame: 7 months

And all that from someone who had no idea what to do when he first started. Not bad huh? And as Ali says, “if I can do it, anyone can!”.

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside Evolve

Get the live support and pro developer tools you need while you learn Ali Rihani’s secret sauce: our proven step-by-step system to profitable property development. Here’s what’s included:

  • A 1-on-1 welcome call to get you started
  • Live Q&A calls every fortnight so you can get your questions answered before and during your projects
  • A full set of subcontractor legal templates to manage contractors like a pro and help your builds run smoothly
  • Our exclusive feasibility checklist and profitable project calculator so you can do the numbers that matter, fast
  • Customisable Joint Venture agreement templates so you can take on bigger projects and minimise risks

To accelerate your progress, you also get access to Hausworx Academy’s signature online course, Evolve, including:

  • 10 modules with lessons that take you through the ‘how-to’ of a development project, from start to finish
  • Worksheets that get you thinking like a developer
  • Practical, time-saving calculators, developer tools and resources you can use on your own projects
  • Video lessons that are bite-sized (short and high impact) so you can fit them into your schedule
  • Real-life development project case studies
  • Your questions answered with support from our team and online Developers Hub community
  • Lifetime access to the course and materials so you can use the tools, calculators, resources and lessons when you need them to build even more confidence on your own projects
  • BONUS module: Building your development business, where you’ll learn how to go pro and look the business
  • BONUS: Personal action plan checklist to get you moving on your first development

With 10 no b.s., high-impact property development training modules…

Module 1
Let’s get started

Setting you up for success

After your welcome call, this module takes you through how to get the most from Momentum with an introduction to the fundamentals of property development and property investment.

Module 2
Millionaire mindset

The secret to your success

Discover what’s really been holding you back and how to let go and achieve more than you ever thought possible with practical activities to move you into the growth mindset you need to succeed.

Module 3

Funding projects and managing cashflow

Learn how to find the right finance for your projects to save money, proactively manage your cashflow, and where and how to find funding.

Module 4
Due Diligence

What to research to make the right decision

Find out who you need on your team to make your projects run smoothly, how to protect yourself from risk, and how to find the right deal.

Module 5

Do the numbers that matter

Make sure your numbers stack up – with the calculations that matter – so you deliver a profitable project.

Module 6

Create the right structure for success

Everyone is different, so you’ll learn about the type of structures and strategies that suit your property development goals, including company and trust options.

Module 7

Know what to look for when you’re buying

Learn how to negotiate to make your projects more profitable, including what to look for to make sure you’re on top of what’s really going on with the legals.

Module 8

Build your own ‘A-Team’

Find out which sites and suits you need on your team to keep your whole project running smoothly, from purchase through to approval and build.

Module 9

Manage your build

The build process is when s**t feels more real and exciting. You’ll learn how to manage timing, keep track of numbers, manage contractors, and the options for managing the whole project.

Module 10

Going to market for the best sale price

Cha-ching! Time to put your project on the market. Get the best sale price with the right styling and staging, agent and negotiation tactics, then calculate GST payable and total profit.

BONUS module: Building your development business
Look the business to grow your business
If you want to scale your business and attract investors, the right team and buyers, you need to look professional. In this bonus module, you’ll learn how with pro branding techniques.

BONUS: Action plan
Your personalised plan to make s**t happen
With our step-by-step checklist you’ll put together a plan that suits your current situation and goals so you know what to do and can take that first step.

Your time is valuable. That’s why with Evolve, we leave out the boring lectures and give you the real-life know-how you need.
Get started today. It’s time to make that decision and take action:

“I often think back and imagine how much time and money I would’ve saved (with way less stress) if I had the support of a developer when I first started. We created Evolve to give you real-life expert advice when you need it: as you learn, start your first development and improve your skills with each project.”

– Ali Rihani

So let’s recap

When you join Evolve, you get access to real-life experience and insider tips from expert developers along with a suite of templates and a checklist and calculator that fast-track your progress. You also get instant access to our signature Momentum course with short, smart video lessons, calculators, tools and exercises to take you from newbie to confident developer. Here’s what you get when you enrol in Evolve:

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    Live Q&A calls every fortnight with no b.s. time and money-saving support from our team of experienced developers ($9,997 value)
  • null
    Our exclusive feasibility checklist and profitable project calculator so you can quickly check if a potential project is the right one for you ($3,497 value)
  • null
    Customisable subcontractor legal templates created by a solicitor to save you time and headaches on your builds ($5,997 value)
  • null
    Customisable joint venture agreement templates to help you take on more projects ($4,997 value)
  • null
    10 modules including short, smart, high-impact video lessons and worksheets ($4,997 value)
  • null
    Time and money-saving calculators, tools and resources you can use on your projects ($1,997 value)
  • null
    Access our real-life development case studies to get practical know-how ($1,997 value)
  • null
    A 1-on-1 welcome call ($197 value)
  • null
    Access to our private online Developers Hub community where you’ll get your questions answered, get support from developers like you and be inspired by the group’s successes ($997 value)
  • null
    BONUS module: Building your development business (valued at $497)
  • null
    BONUS: Personal action plan checklist (valued at $297)

That’s $35,467 of value Your investment:

Evolve – Easy Starter

3 x monthly payments of


Evolve – Smart Starter

One-off payment of $6,997

(You Save $1,403)

Enrolment to Evolve is limited to 4 times a year, by application only.

Ready to Evolve into a confident, profitable property developer faster than you thought possible? Get your questions answered with a chat with one of our friendly team:

Still reading? Here’s a reality check…

If you’re reading this, it’s because you want to make money from property but you haven’t started.

So let me ask you something: if nothing changes, how will your life look one year from now?

It’s time to step into that awesome version of you… the one who makes their family and themselves proud by taking inspired action. Join a course and community where you’ll not only learn what’s possible but also how to achieve it.


What can I expect from Evolve?

First up, we’ll have a 1-on-1 welcome call to kickstart your journey to becoming a developer. Then you get access to everything you need in our signature Momentum course: the short video lessons, tools, calculators, worksheets and real-life case studies. You’ll also get your questions answered on live calls with our team of experienced developers every fortnight, along with a suite of pro contract templates and a feasibility checklist and profitable project calculator.

Did we mention our awesome online Developers Hub community? It’s a safe, supportive space for budding and experienced developers where you’ll get answers to your questions and get inspired as you share success stories.

How is this different to other programs?

It’s the no b.s. practical stuff our founder Ali Rihani wished he’d known instead of learning everything the hard way. You also get live support from developers who know their s**t, plus templates, a checklist and a calculator that save you time and money. You’ll avoid the stress, tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours learning the way most developers do.

What’s included?

You can find out what’s included right here

Are you offering a payment plan?

Yes, we are. Check out the details here

Can you guarantee specific results?

We love this program and we know it can transform lives. The thing we don’t know is what you’ll do with what you learn and how much commitment you’ll give. That’s why we can’t guarantee results or increased income.

What if online learning isn’t my style?

Everyone learns differently. That’s why we offer 3 options, including Momentum, Evolve and Amplify Live. So if learning online with expert advice when you need it isn’t your style, how do you learn best?